Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Note About This Blog

This is the blog I kept when I stayed in Tanzania for 4 1/2 months last year. To make sense of it you need to click on the first month and start reading at the bottom of the page, working your way forwards. I don't believe I ever explain in the blog, but I was staying with an African friend Deus and his family. I met Deus on the train while he was visiting the US to present at schools about the organization he worked for. Deus worked for Roots and Shoots, which is part of The Jane Goodall Institute, as a Regional Coordinator. He convinced me to take on a volunteer project of my own while I was in Tanzania. I started the Musoma Girls Library Program, which provides 100 underpriveleged girls with library memberships and some tutoring help. I also never clarified but Juliana is still working on the project now that I'm back and shes done a lot with it that I never would have been able to so I apologize for any posts that talk about firing her.
Also the first month or two of posts from Tanzania are a little sporadic and grumpy. I was really homesick and culture shocked when I arrived and I got a little depressed and bitter and wasn't acting like myself at all or even really aware of what I was doing. So keep that in mind if it seems kind of inconsistent.
I honestly don't know why I'm writing this since noone looks at this blog anymore, but I just thought if anyone wanted to visit it in the future, hopefully this would clear some things up.
Stephanie :)